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Saturday, February 20, 2010

RagaChintamani is a compilation of Tamil cine songs based on classical ragas. First, an introduction to the general pattern of ragas and their varieties have been given. Then, brief introduction of around 160 ragas are made and the cine songs based on these ragas are listed. The Arohanam and Avarohanam of the ragas are also indicated against each. As people in orchestra troupe may need this kind of information , this may perhaps be useful to them. Once again 'Songs Vs Ragas' are given in an alphabetical order. With this anyone can easily locate the raga for a particular song and vice versa. So far, the Tamil cine world have produced millions of songs and as a first step I have brought out the details for about 1800 songs only. I hope this will be very beneficial to those who are not well trained in Carnatic Music but try to enjoy the cine melodiea without knowing the basics behind them. And I humbly feel this will help them to understand the fundamentals of Carnatic Music happily without much strain. I will be happy even if a few people are benefitted with this book.


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